Inner City

The city of Krems has always been known for its attractive, lively, well laid-out and well preserved city centre, as well as for being a centre of business and culture. This is highlighted by the following points

  • Historic city center with medivial castle
  • Since 1972 most of the inner-city has been designated pedestrian zone
  • In 1975 Krems was cited by the Council of Europe as the model Austrian city for the preservation of statues and monuments due to the city's outstanding renovation and revitalisation programme of that time.
  • All sights in walking distance
  • An effective public transport system and traffic flow system keep the centre of the city essentially free of traffic.
  • The effective management of vehicle parking and provision of parking facilities.
  • Strong support of city marketing initiatives.
  • The establishing of nationally recognised cultural facilities and activities.
  • The founding of universities and technical institutes.
  • The setting up of a qualification standards association, "Shopping City Krems", to maintain standards of inner-city employee performance.

These foundation elements initiated by the city, combined with the strength of the private business community and the economic advantages of the region, set a good base for the continuing prosperity of the inner-city of Krems.

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