Research and Development

Research and development is an important contributory factor to Austria's economic success. Since 1998 investment in research has risen at an annual rate of around 8%. In 2014 the proportion of the annual budget devoted to research is at 2.88%, which equates to approx. Euros 9.3 bn. In a comparison of growth rates on the "innovation scoreboard" of the EU, Austria lies in third place behind Luxembourg and Denmark. The technology sectors at the forefront include information and communication technology, nanotechnology and biotechnology.

The cooperation between the research community and industry helps to guarantee a successful innovation system and a competitive economy. Industrial clusters facilitate such cooperation leading to innovation. Because of this, many international companies have chosen Austria as a base for their research and development activities. The well established Austrian educational system ensures a good supply of skilled employees and research personnel. Also, research and development personnel from abroad respond positively to the working environment here.

Those who work and carry out research in Austria do so in the heart of Europe, surrounded by dynamic growth regions.

Research and development
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Krems, the Techno-park

Krems is a techno-park of the province of Lower Austria. In the field of medical- biotechnology in particular we find research and development establishments, tertiary education facilities, competent companies as consumers of research and development, and appropriate industrial and commercial space for new businesses.

The core sector of expertise found in the Krems Techno-park is medical-biotechnology. Technological fields found within this sector include:

Blood purification systems

  • Tissue engineering
  • Cell therapy
  • Cell biology / cell physiology

Currently establishing themselves are the following sectors

  • Structural physics
  • Energy
  • Systems
  • Information and communications technology / visual computing

Krems Techno-park encompasses two major complexes. One is the Krems university campus including the Donau University (17 faculties with more than 8,160 students), the IMC Polytechnic of Krems (10 study programmes, 3 core subject areas with more than 2,500 students) and the organisation "Accent Gründerservice GmbH" (Accent Founder's Service Ltd). The other accommodates the Krems Bioscience Park (84,000 m² of high value infrastructure) including the Biotechnology Centre (BTZ) and the North Regional Innovation Centre (RIZ Nord).

The following organisations active in the biotechnology field have already settled in the techno-park:

  • Fresenius Medical Care Adsorber Tec GmbH
  • Arthro Kinetics Biotechnology GmbH
  • Cells and Tissue Bank Austria (C+TBA)
  • Medizinkraft Solutions
  • Lacerta Technologies

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